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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Assorted stuff that happened from December - January 2011/2012

. . . . S T A T U S
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Some people like to divide their posts into several parts but I prefer all to be put in one. Though it is “heavy” but I personally prefer reading such blog post. How about you people?

After reading a few chapters of IP Falsafah with font 8 sized wordings, I decided to blog (after a few months of hesitating to blog or not to blog). So here I am—It’s going to be a heavy pictures loaded post. Happy reading!

It’s a summary of my December-January 2011/2012 life in IPDA – My institution/college/campus (whatever you call it).

I try to write them in order.. Following my phone’s “date stamp” on the photos..

20 December 2011 – Attending Church’s Christmas Dinner
I couldn’t remember the name of this place. The name of the restaurant is.. 新一个世界酒家something—I couldn’t remember. Long and weird name to me. X.X

Free gifts: 2 ketchup 
Useful gifts. 

As usual, I didn't win the lucky draw. 
I never win---- 

21 December 2011 – Caroling at Putra Medical Center Kedah
It was my first time joining the caroling team. It’s fun and really TIRING! Singing from ward A to ward Z, never stops singing and clapping hands stuff—It’s no joke. We were so exhausted when we got back. Phew— Great experience though! We enjoyed the process very much!

Round face + round face 
If we were to have babies, he/she surely will have an even round face! XD

My solo picture with bangs trying to cover my face. 

24 December 2011 – Caroling from Houses to Houses
Besides PMC, we also joined the caroling from houses to houses. This was another tiring activity but worthwhile doing it with my loved one and church members. 

In the bus 
Busy taking photos 
With my cybershot, still-able-to-capture-even-in-motions 

How nice if can combine these 2 photos together. 
On the left, my face is partially gone.
On the right, Ai Ting's face is half gone. 

Initially, we were all jolly and happily singing—Until-- 

I wanted to chase after him—He ran too fast—He realized that there was a relatively big, distorted shaped stone right after the staircase from the bus. He wanted to kick the stone away but unluckily, due to the fact that I was actually rushing after him, I accidentally STEPPED on that freaking stone with natural pressure/force of landing on ground--- I actually twisted my foot and I got my left foot sprained. It hurt so badly that I couldn’t actually stand straight immediately after I gained my balance. X.x Luckily, we stopped by at this house, the aunty was good at doing 刮痧 =  scrape measles? I don’t know if that is the exact term for it. I googled and that was what I got. I tell you—Spraining your foot was NOT a joke! It hurt so badly and I felt so bad for squeezing his hand so tightly. There were signs of “love-bites” due to excessive force squeezing his flesh. Bad descriptions. Anyway, I wanted to say, his hand had a lot of “love-bites marks” after that. I felt a little better after the traditional treatment. However, I had difficulty in walking normally. I injured myself when we were at the second or third house. I didn’t want to go back. I continued the programme up till midnight/early morning. I felt happy for not missing any moment of this fun time though I had to bear the pain of walking like a.. Disabled person trying hard to walk.  = = “

刮痧 =  scrape measles 
Looks scary uh?
Very painful lor! 

Despite the injury, I had a lot of fun. We listened to many testimonials from Adam and Jean. Their stories were great. I hope that my relationship will be theirs - a blessed one from God. Amen.

28 December 2011 - Dinner at Lai Lai Restaurant

After spending one week time busy with Christmas preparations, we finally had time to rest. We went to Lai Lai Restaurant for dinner. It was a nice date. That day, was the day, I did a very gross mistake -- I chopped down the hair which I have kept so longggg... 

1 tomyam seafood soup 
1 kangkung sambal/belacan
1 sotong goreng 
1 sapo tofu
1 pork dish 
3 bowls of white rice
All dishes are cooked in 1 person serving. 
Total: RM 21 
Remark: JENGGGGG! 
I was like hungry ghost-- 

Below are some photos of my LATEST ________ look
I don't know how to describe my appearance now. 
I neither like it nor hate it. 
= ( I even regretted it after cutting, only happened a few days later. 

Make comparisons. 
Different views of me. 
Smiling in a way, I don't know if I still manage to smile now-- 
I should have curl it, without hesitating/worrying so much! 
I worried too much!
I ended up doing the wrong decision. 

I'm supposed to do this hairstyle with my freak-ing long hair! 

I am keeping my hair long AGAIN! 
What a foolish decision I have made--
I regretted. 
It's such an irony. 

30 December 2011 - Counting Down with Church Members 
Before going to Alan and Jean's BBQ & Steamboat New Year party, Adam brought us to nearby hawker center for lunch/branch. It was meant to be an Alor Setar 1 Day Trip. Here are some photos of the food we ate. I didn't eat all these myself. 

Claypot chicken rice + additional lap cheong (Chinese marinated sausage)
Remarks : Oily. I don't like. 5/10

Ai Ting's Mee Rebus.
She said it was spicy. 
I didn't taste it. 
Had good appearance. 

I had this. 
Ban Mian 板面 
The cook took a long time to serve this. 
However, the food was really good and I don't mind waiting a little longer.
Rating : 9/10

3 colours milk tea. 
Rating : 4/10
Not nice. 
Very geli taste.

These are RAW almonds in shells. 
I never ate any almonds, like this.
The shells were hard. 
You need to bite it/crack it/hammer it before you are able to eat its flesh. 
Tastes real good! 

We watched 鬼也笑 (The Ghost Must be Crazy)
Alan's house was so comfortable to watch movie. 
The sofa was so soft and the atmosphere was chill (cuz got air-cond maa) 

I wish my house has an air cond at its dining room too. = = " 

31 December 2012 - Count Down for Year 2012 
We went to a paddy field to see sun set. The sun set was pretty. We took some photos. I have yet to get them from Adam. 

We went to Alor Setar church for the counting down service and dinner. The food were not very much that night. Seeing the potluck food reminded me of Malacca's Chinese Methodist Church potluck. The food served there was like a king's FEAST. It seems like almost every family brought some dishes. One time, Mom even asked me to cook on behalf of her. That was such a fun time of me, playing in the kitchen. I remembered I did Butter Chicken. It was tasty but really troublesome. The dish needs a lot of spices and yea- Time consuming. A lot of cleaning work to do after that. However, my dish got good response from the eaters. Ha- That satisfied me. 

Jean's pizza was delicious! XD Extremely rich in cheese and Italian spices. 

I didn't snap any photos tonight. He and I were able to go through the counting down of moment towards year 2012. It was really great and I am really very happy! For the past years, we were not able to celebrate together. This year, we were able to see fireworks together, experiencing the brand new atmosphere of 2012. <3 I felt thankful for being able to have such opportunity, that not many couple in my campus had. 

3 January 2012 - How to cook Maggiee Curry in Hostel??? 
This is a new way of eating maggiee noodle in hostel. I don't like to eat soup based noodle. Hence, I invented this way of eating (not very special actually-- It's just the same concept as dried noodle). 

Maggiee noodle 
Curry powder seasoning 
Pepper (optional) 
Thick soy sauce (optional) (good if you have) 

Anything to heat up your noodle 

Curry noodle (DRIED, SEDAP NYA!)

Let's begin doing it! 

1. Get your noodle COOKED. 
This means, put your noodle into hot water and let it become soft and edible.

After you have your noodle COOKED, get them out from the water and place them in a clean bowl/plate.

 2. Pour some curry powder seasoning into your noodle and stir well.
This means, pour bit by bit of curry powder into your noodle. 
Don't be a fool and pour all at one time or else you will end up with curry lumps in your noodle. 
Don't put all the seasoning powder unless you want to die early due to kidney failure. 
I usually used only 1/2 or 1/3. 
Mix well. 
If you think your noodle is too dry, the powder cannot stir/absorb well to your noodle, add a little water.
Just use the water that you used earlier to boil the noodle. (It's not dirty - - -) 

3. Pour a little amount of thick soy sauce into your noodle. (OPTIONAL, good if you have)
This serves for the mild sweetness for the noodle (besides the spiciness due to curry powder).
Just A LITTLE will do. 
How much to put?
Put a little by little when you are still inexperience in measuring roughly how much to put.
When you see your noodle has turned thoroughly blackish in colour, you should stop adding more ketchup.

4. Pour some pepper for seasoning. (Optional, to add spiciness)
Add A LITTLE pepper, according to preference. 
The more you add, the more spicy your noodle will become. 

5. Stir well and ready to be served! 

You must try if you have nothing else to eat in your room besides MAGGIEE. 
Aren't you sick of eating curry noodle in the SOUP way?
Try this! You won't regret! Especially if you are a spicy lover! 

5 January 2012 - Another Instant Meal - How to cook 慈及 Instant Rice? 
This rice is not cheap. It costs around RM 3-4 per packet. @@ Thanks to Wei Wen's Mom for giving me this. ; )

This is supposedly a corn rice. I made it into a curry rice. X.x I don't like the corn taste. It tastes too artificial to me. I still prefer spicy food. X.X 

Oh ya, it is my first time eating INSTANT RICE too! @@ I'm nervous as I was preparing the food. 

The stuff in the Instant Rice packet. 
Corn vegey stuff, air-dried rice and corn seasoning. 

How does the rice looks like before adding hot water. 

The vegey stuff. 
They were hard. 
You can't bite, even if you are a chicken. x.X 
Chicken eat this.
My aunty's chicken do.

After adding a little water in the air-dried rice.
The rice starts to.. Absorb the water and, expand?
These are basically the verbal way of describing the process of the transformation of edible rice.

Three mangkuks.
Bottom: Dried vegey + hot water
Middle: Air-dried rice + hot water
Top: Empty.

They look like rice now. 

The dried vegey becomes edible now. 

Add corn seasoning powder.

This is how it looks like after adding the corn seasoning powder.

Mix well after adding the powder.
Then, add vegey. 
I like the artificial meat though. 
Can you spot them? 

I tasted a few bites of the rice.
And... I don't like how it tastes like! 

So, I made them into CURRY rice instead of corn rice! 

Looks like fried rice eh?
I added some thick soy sauce. 
Rating : 8/10 
I still prefer curry dried maggiee (LYDIA'S version)

5 January 2012 - Korean Concert Night at Jitra Baptist Chapel 
There were 20+ people who came partly from South Korea to our chapel for performance and gospel sharing. Most of them know how to speak Mandarin. They call it 汉语。We call it 华语 here. Anyway, I did a silly thing with one of the Korean guys. He chatted with me cuz I sat just right beside him. 

He spoke a few stuff to me, asking my age and stuff. I answered and I posted a stupid remark to him: 

Me: 你的华语讲到很准。You speak quite accurate Mandarin!
Korean guy: 准?什么是准?我们是讲北京汉语。What is 'zhun' (informal way of saying accurate)?

I hope that you can get the point of the joke. I actually spoke informal bahasa pasar to him. I forgot the fact that he probably does not understand this type of Mandarin. It'd be funnier if you can understand Mandarin. Then, you will understand why it is a joke. 

The translator and our pastor.

The Koreans on the stage, performing 2 songs.

This was the guy who sat beside me. 
He was giving a testimonial of how he finds God a powerful God, who did miracles on him.

Korean pastor and the translator.
His translations were quite accurate, despite some funny pronunciations and words substitution with English. 

The church's leaders and the Koreans. 

Cardina, Wei Wen and the Koreans.

I hate my hairstyle and my huge head! T.T

Seems better than the previous photo? 
I am referring to me. = = " 

A picture with the guy whom I had the joke with. 

He is supposed to look charming despite his age. 
He doesn't look that good in this picture though.

I kind of satisfy with this photo.
Cuz I'm standing behind, I'm HIDDEN! XD

Pastor and us.
I wonder when should I wash this photo for him. 

6 January 2012 - First Attempt on Ordering Online Pizza at Kolej Kediaman IPDA, Kedah
I had the urge of eating pizza and decided to check out its online order and delivery. It's troublesome. I couldn't access to my own account due to some technical problems (which I do not know what and too lazy to check them out). So, I created an account using my boyfriend's identity. I realised that, you cannot anyhow create TOO MANY accounts because they can trace you according to your number. Although it is written that the "email address is being used", I think the phone number is the one which makes the difference/key point. Anyway back to online ordering pizza---- I faced some problems locating the address for the pizza delivery. Grrr... Then, I called the HELP number displayed somewhere in the webpage. I got my problem solved. Just in case if anybody from my campus needs a pizza delivery, you can try this address: 

53 (room number, any number you like actually), Jalan Kubang Pasu 1, Jitra, Kedah. 
Remark : Kolej Kediaman IPG Kampus Darulaman (IPDA) 

What important here is the remark. IPDA is famous in Jitra area. So, writing IPDA there is essential if you want your pizza to arrive safely at the gate of IPDA.

One thing I don't like about this online ordering-- Once you lose your password, you can never find it back again, despite how many times you try to retrieve it through sending a password recovery to your email. = = " I was so fed up trying for a xx times. Another thing about it is: the password that you put earlier in the registration form is NOT the password that you will be using to log in. They have some other password for you, where you will discover when you activate your account in your mailbox. It's really silly because who will remember that LONG and PECULIAR passsssword? 

OK, Enough of grumbling. For your information, the delivery fees for Pizza Hut is RM 2. Mc. Donald is RM 3 if I'm not mistaken. I did some survey. I wanted to order that the next day actually. 

Getting delivery is more worth than going to Jitra itself for the dine-in meal. Cuz, the transport fees to Jitra for 2 people already worth more than RM 2. 

* The photos quality are a little bad because I was too lazy to switch on the light. I was starving and rushing to eat the pizza. 

We ordered Island Supreme and Hawaian Chicken from the Buy 1 Free 1 Package. The Island Supreme is SUPERBLY delicious! The cheese melting on top of the bun. Yummy! 

For your information:

Buy 1 regular, free 1 regular = RM 21 (after delivery and charge: RM 24+) (6 pieces)
Buy 1 large, free 1 large = RM 28 (after delivery and charge: count yourself) 

Yum yum.........

I used flash light to capture the photo.
There were 2 types of pizza here. 
3 Hawaiian Chicken 
3 Island Supreme 

My ____________ look of eating pizza in a hungry mode.

Please don't be surprised. 
I ate all the 6 regular pizzas alone! XD

7 January 2012 - The Second Pizza 

Today, we ordered Super Supreme and Masala pizzas.
I think I prefer yesterday's pizzas. 

XD 2 consecutive days of eating 1 REGULAR pizza alone. 
X.X C R A Z Y . . . . 

. . . . . L O V E L I E S S S S S S . . . . 
I got a lot of free accessories from Jean. ;) Thank you very much! They all look very lovely! 

Ooops inverted. 
Necklaces and bracelets. 



Soft toys from Santa, Alan on Christmas Night. 
Pink panther and Snow White's draft! 

This tiger mini purse is from Santa too.
I love this purse very much! 

I packed my stuff half way done already.
This round, I'm going back with him. ; ) 
I'm not going to be lonely for the long hours journey. Tee hee. 

. . . . 

I finally finished blogging! Phew! 
One thing done! 
The coming posts will be on CNY I guess. 
I am going to have 1 month holiday at home---! 
How nice! 
Then, going to UPSI, a brand new start. 
I hope I will know better people who appreciates my value of friendship better. 

Hoping for all the best. 
True friends know that I am not evil. ; ) 

Thank you for reading.
I hope you enjoyed.
Stay tuned! 


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