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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Semester 1 in UPSI

. . . . S T A T U S
Mood: = / hmph... 

I just got all my work done in an hour ago. 
Lately, it seems there's many things to do-- 
I wonder if I'm putting what-I-should-do at the first priority-- 

Like now, I'm supposed to do something else 
Yet I'm not. 
I'm blogging--- = = "

The pictures below are taken long, long time ago--- 
It's during the early semester studying in UPSI.
We went to Berjaya Times Square. 

Last time when we were studying in Kedah, Penang is just like another shopping mall (but in fact it actually takes hours to reach) 
Now, KL is like the another shopping mall. @@ 

Berjaya Times Square 
Lol. Looking back at this picture now  feel like laughing.
Why am I snapping photo of myself like as though I'm a tourist to KL?

Spicy keropok-- 
Don't know what it's called.
It's the beginning dish--
Not free. = = " 
It costs about RM 2 if I did not remember wrongly.

We had our lunch at this restaurant-- See the picture for the name. 
I'm too lazy to type in Mandarin----

The porridge.
Many goodies are hidden at the bottom. 
Not bad.

Me, me, me----- 

I ate porridge.

It's a set lunch.
A porridge with this yam dumpling.
Tastes not bad.

But I like this better. ;)
It's a complimentary dish when you purchase a set meal. 

I can't remember what kind of noodle this is.

His expression.. 
No comment. Lol. X.X

Did we just ordered extra?
I don't know.
I can't remember---

What movie did we watch?
I can't remember too!! x.x 
It's a 3D movie--- 
I totally forget the title. x.x

First time in my life,
eating Auntie Anne's pastry. = = "
Laugh me not--
Many things more I haven't try. tsk.
Tastes quite good.
I like everything about pastry. ;)

Some camwhoring session. 

Had snowflake after that.

Two people,
5 KFC breakfast sets 
A breakfast costs about RM 20+ 
Just like, dinner. 


These 2 pictures are common scenes in UPSI. 
It happens everyday, especially at certain hot spots like:
New Campus, Pintu Timur (Main Campus) and Taman Bernam
The only place where everybody is strangely discipline is KHAR/KUO hostel
At other places, people will be pushing one another just to get into the small door
You must be good in this when you are in UPSI, unless you have your own transport.


One of the weekends when I was in Malacca.... 
My brother wanted to do this panda bread.
Does it look like Panda here??
A little uh huh?
It's not very successful but overall still can be eaten laaaa---


Some day--- 
Which I can't remember...
We went to KL ... ;)

It's so freaking hot---- 
I don't like to sweat after bathing--- 
but----- grrr.... 

Pasar malam favourite food - Lekor and Pisang Goreng 
Now, I don't really like them anymore. 
I prefer apam balik 3 rasa. 
Taste really good. 
Has chocolate favour! 

Recently I just finished reading Hard Times. 
It's written by Charles Dickens.
Quite an interesting plot that applies a lot of Marxism theory. 
Highlights a lot on the difference between rich and poor people.
It's true. 
When you are poor, sometimes there are many things that you can't do. 
The rich can do almost everything--- 
Yes, almost...

Bali water
Self-boiled using my water boiler. 
No complain. Drink it! 


I watched the Korean drama - Pasta 
And I told myself by hook or by crook, I MUST get the time out to cook pasta!
XD Too bad, I don't have any ready sauce that day. 
Coincidentally the tomato ketchup is finished too. 
So----- Yep, I ate 1 whole tomato! 

Boil the macaroni to cooked. 

I'm too free.
I marinated the thin meat and fried them.
Taste quite good.

It doesn't look very tempting to you uh huh?
Well, it's because the sauce isn't really perfect--
If there's tomato ketchup, the colour'd be PERFECT!


I guess that's all. I have to do some serious stuff now.

Exams coming soon. x.x 


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