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Friday, May 25, 2012

Sour Face

. . . .  S T A T U S
Mood : sigh 

I'm not very happy today,
because I'm very busy
and at the same time I don't know why,
today I'm extraordinary,

They rhyme. Ha-

What a S O U R f a c e e e e e e . . . . 
I feel like punching this yellow face. 
It looks very irritating. 
Is that how others feel when I have this expression?
X.X -- I will punch you harder if you punch me, for real I mean it!--- =P

There were so many unlucky things that happened today-- I don't wish to say them out here.
I just hope that---
The good luck will knock my door soon---
I really detest bad luck!

At the same time when I feel that I'm the most unlucky person today, I felt thankful and loved by someone. ;) Guess who's that person?
If you've been following my blog updates, you will get it.

His consoles are very seldom, 
They are very valuable to me. 
He, is an egoistic high man 
but today, he makes me feels like he's just my perfect another half. 
Though my unstable emotions were disturbing me throughout the day, 
his little consoles and patience really made me feel touched. 
Awwww... <3 muacks!

Tomorrow I'm gonna go home---
A lot of work to be done though

Aja aja aja...!
Exams are coming--
All the best to everyone.
Life is not all about studying hard and obtain good results.
Sometimes, one just need to learn how to relax and...
Enjoy life the way it is---

I have been stressing myself up too much lately.
I was too particular with some hard facts and numbers.
That's not very good.
I get upset easily.
Awww... !

Till here. I'm tired.
Good Night!