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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Florida Campground Entertainment


Lately, a friend of mine shared a link with me. It’s a page to a man named Birdie Mcclaine’s facebook profile:

I asked why she sent me this link. Then, she told me to check out this man’s website - ( Hence, I went on further to check out who Birdie Mcclaine is--- He’s a campground entertainer who releases new blog revealing what to consider when choosing a Florida Campground Entertainment. What he does sound something unique but unfamiliar to me. I’m quite curious and interested at the same time to know more about what this man does cuz I kind of like… clown stuff, no, entertainment stuff like playing tricks for entertainment purpose.

After reading a while, then I know that Birdie is actually offering Florida Campground Entertainment – Family-friendly and Vaudeville-style Campground Entertainment act. He has a youtube video. You can check it out at: Quite interesting video. Do spend some time to watch it.  

Above is a picture of a man performing some… tricks on the street with a long stick on his chin and a plate on the tip while playing the.. Er, what do you call that—something that looks like a piano but produces sound like electric organ. In short, he is performing entertaining tricks which I believe will be very entertaining to watch in LIVE (I mean, it’ll be good if I can see him performing right in front of me--). This is probably what his service is about – entertainment trick. Interesting, isn’t it?

Ooops..! How can I forget to mention Birdie’s company name. It’s called Birdie McClaine Entertainment. When you check out his website, you will notice that he also offers FREE information about “How You Too Can Learn To Juggle, Spray-Paint, Play The Spoons and many more” just by calling him on his cell phone (239) 887 7784 or just simply fill up the form that’s in his website if you are worried of speaking to an anonymous on the Internet. This sounds cool. I might try it one day if I want to perform a trick in front of my boyfriend! ;)

There are many interesting information that you can read on his website. There’s links that are linked to another page where you can read more about his services. Be sure to bookmark his page and order his stuff! They look cool and fun! ;) Entertainment tricks. It’s definitely something interesting and impressive if you can perform to friends and family, especially during parties. Boyfriends outside, you can consider this if you want to impress the ladies with some tricks! ; ) I believe they will be ‘Woooow!’ and thrilled.


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