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Thursday, June 07, 2012

KL trip + To-do List during Holiday. XD

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While everybody's busy studying for finals---
I went for pre-holiday. XP

Yesterday, darling and I went to KL.
Where to go?
Imbi - - - That's the only place I can go when I go KL.
I wonder where else can I go besides Imbi/Bukit Bintang. = /

During holidays, there were not many buses available to go KL.
We were lucky though.
We took the 9.30 am bus.

Before I show you pictures of my KL trip..
Let's see 2 pictures of me posing in front of the KHAR lift..
While I'm waiting for him.
It was quite some time that I didn't take photo..
Life's too busy with too many things...

Taken before we went to rent the bicycle to go to the palm oil estate. 
I was always curious what's inside there-
Always made noise that I wanted to go there--
Finally... I went. 
So what's special inside?
It's a long straight road-- 
We stopped when we saw the Hindu kuil and Tamil school. 
Their library looks cute.. 
It's a small hut... 
I should have taken a picture of it. 
It's cute because we all always think that library is supposed to be big, minimum 2 or 3 stories tall... 

Lol... Spot the difference!  
These 2 pictures look very much alike. 
The only difference is at me:
Left: showing teeth; Right: didn't show teeth 
While waiting for the SKS bus. 

Camwhore in the bus. 
;) Hehehe... 

I'm happy cuz we managed to watch 2 movies that we planned to watch:
Dark Shadows 
Snow White and the Huntsman

I gotta say that Dark Shadows is definitely a worth watching hilarious movie.
However Snow White is just a typical fairy tale-- Just a little tweak-- 
Snow White doesn't end up with Prince William but the huntsman. 
It's just a version of movie where real humans substitute cartoon characters. 
Nothing really fanciful or WOW to me...

I like Dark Shadows. 
Super funny and just entertaining to watch.. 

We watched Dark Shadows first.
After that, we went for Shabu Shabu.
The meal costs RM 19.90 but with tax, it's about RM 20+
My review: 
It's good to try everything new at the first try but I definitely will not visit it for the second time. 
Their food aren't really fresh--- Soft and creamy FISH BALLS! 
Fish balls are supposed to be hard, springy-- Theirs are like-- fish balls made from rotten fishes.. x.x 
Sorry to say this but it tastes really bad. 
I don't blame them though cuz their location is quite isolated. 
In addition, they do not have many business. 
Perhaps offering low quality food will ensure better profit but they are definitely losing out many more customers as I doubt anyone will return to there again. X.X 

Look not bad? 
Not to my tongue!

Tomyam soup 

Normal chicken soup

They provide 2 types of soup. 
Free to refill. 

These are one of the types of balls.. 
I don't know what meat they are made of
but they do look cute.
Stars-- Bears---

Boyfriend cooking. 

I took two bird eggs.
I ended eating them all by myself cuz boyfriend doesn't like them. = / 
They taste good-- 
In tomyam soup. Lol.
French fries-- my all time favourite. 
Don't ask me what's the black fungus liked stuff.. 
It doesn't look like chao da (I have no idea what's that--)
I didn't eat that. 

Some really not fresh seafood..
I can't even differentiate chicken and fish meat ---
That shows how not fresh their food are... 
The two types of meat seem to taste/feel/look alike --- 
Slimy, soft despite the fact that they are placed in the freezer container. 
The cramps taste like... plastic... 
The lalas are the worst! 
The meats are all SHRINK, soft and SLIMY
I can't allow myself to finish all that I took..
I had to dump some away... 

The tomyam soup is okay.. 
They simply need to improve the quality of the food... 
Fresh food are important to ensure a successful steamboat business! 

My tomyam bowl.
My favourite long slender mushrooms and star ball. 

Shabu Shabu Train--
I don't like their logo somehow.. 
It looks.. ugly to me. X.X 

I like this picture. 
It's a little dark though.
Finished eating.
Super full. 

Coming down from the lift. 
Boyfriend always looks like this /\ when he finished eating. 

Back home. 
Super tired. 
Notice something different?
My earrings.. 
Just bought them. 
for.. RM 2
= / I wonder how long they can last. 

After buying it, then I realised 1 side is pink ball, the other side is blue ball. 

Aww 3 for RM 10. 
I like the middle one most. 

That's all. 
Thank you for reading. 
I'm gonna study 3P---

Uhm before that.. I wanna do a TO-DO list during holiday:
1) Watch  all the dramas that I've listed. 
2) Bake cheese cake.
3) Carry out potluck with my BFF. 
4) Cook a lot, a lot, a lot of Pasta!!! Of course, eat a lot, a lot too! =P
5)  Go for evening jog with Dad everyday.
6) Learn more about mask. Looks interesting.
7) See if my hair is long enough. I want to curl them. 
8) More to add when I can think of what I wanna do--- 


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