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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Poor and Rich vs University

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Second post of the same day--
I was browsing some pictures--
Then, this urge pushes me to update this post.

There are many types of people in this world.
Let's not talk about Carl Jung's personality and humanity, we shall talk in terms of Marxist's economic point of view.
By the way, do you know how I know these famous philosophers?
Thanks to 3P - I can't remember what is the full name for this course
and Literary Criticism.

Back to my point--
2 types of people.

Which two types?
[you probably know by now if you know why Carl Jung is famous for]

Take a look at the above picture. 

I find this picture very meaningful and cynical at the same time. However, it's just so true that you can't deny it. The rich dumps rubbish like it's no big-deal to them. Many of the rich people do not really value things as much as the poor [of course, some rich people are good, I'm not generalising every rich fellows here]. On the other hand, the poor people have to pick up rubbish dumped by the rich. 


All these while, I have this thought-- I am currently reaching 21 soon. The significant events which took place so far in my life were:
  • Kindergarten/elementary school
  • UPSR 
  • PMR
  • SPM
  • Pre-University
  • University 
Well, I'm talking in terms of achievements on academics wise. 

You'll notice that most of us go through the same thing up till SPM (17 years old). Despite the poor nor the rich, as long as you go to school, you will have more a less the same experience with everybody. However, things will be different after 17 years old. Very different. 

The Rich
  • After SPM, pursuing pre-University education is definitely no problem to them. They either go for A levels, SAM or other pre-University qualifications which I may not know. Where rich people go for their pre-University? UTAR? MMU? No-no-- Those are for average financial people--- Rich people will go to Taylors and Sunway if they study in local. Some will get their pre-University qualification straight from overseas university. 
  • After finishing pre-University, they will pursue their degree in overseas university. Which university? Let's name a few famous ones--- University of Melbourne is quite well known. I have quite a number of friends who went to Australia for their degree. 
  • What is significant here?? The rich do not have to worry whether they can or cannot go to overseas for their degree. 
The Poor
  • After SPM, these people will either pathetically go to Form 6 (the very last option usually for SPM leavers) or spend some money at MMU/UTAR [for Malaccans]. Well, many Malaccans like these 2 colleges/universities. If you can't afford private universities, take Form 6 then. You have no choice. To study or to work--- 
  • For STPM takers, if they do well, congratulations to them.. Oppositely, if they don't, they will end up dangling in any local university with weird course. From what I know, they are given the choice to choose what they like but of course, you don't always get what you want--
  • What is significant here?? The poor have no choice. Like it or not, you have to study and to excel and go far, you need to work hard on your own. 

I'm not sure if you guys see the difference I am pointing out here--
The poor people will think:
"Oh--- I wanna go and study in Australia but I don't know whether my parents can afford or not---" 
"Aww-- Taylors University.. University of Melbourne.. See see enough already.. If cannot get scholarship then what also no need to think---" 

And ironically, the rich peole will think:
"Um, I think I prefer UK university better than Australia university. I like UK cert better." 
"When can I fly to New Zealand to enroll into the University of Auckland's programme?"

The main point of this post----
Everybody likes to study overseas for some reasons-- Some think overseas certification is more glamorous and some might find studying overseas is a fantastic experience and what not-- You list them-- BUT the question is, how many of us can really pursue our dreams--- to study overseas without worrying currency exchange and financial stability IF you are not of the rich people's children category....??

It's good to be rich-- Despite the fact that money is the root for all evils.. Sometimes, without money, there are many things that you can't do-- The rich people can enjoy everything that the poor people couldn't.

"You fail your major paper in this semester again?" 
"Yea. What's so big deal about it? I can retake it anytime." 

Another main difference between the rich and poor. The rich don't bother even if they fail. Money can solve all the problems. However, do you think the poor can afford to do this?

I'm under the.. poor-average category. I don't claim myself to be rich. That is why I struggle to get good results for scholarship. I did earn myself a scholarship for my degree [I'm thankful]. However, I do envy those who are able to pursue their degree in overseas.

Till here for today--
Something for all of us to ponder about--
The reality of life.


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