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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Drama + Hair dye with Palty

. . . . S T A T U S
Mood : =( 

Recently I'm very 'siao' with this drama - 爱上巧克力 
This is a Taiwanese idol drama.
It has 80 episodes! 
Gosh, I never watched any drama THAAAAT long before.

It's a very NEW drama.. 
Still airing in Taiwan I guess. 
I watched via PPS. 
There's no update for the next episode yet. 
I'm at Episode 77 but I know the ending liao la--- 
<3 this drama. 
Very nice.. 
Very funny.. Very heartache too.. 

I like this song. 


I like Vanness Wu very much after watching this drama. The next drama will be about him too. <3 Totally in love with him. Bwahahahaha... How not to fall in love with him after watching 70 + episodes about him??? 

His love towards the main actress is so deep and loyal. How I wish---- 


Yesterday was my mom's birthday. She's 52 years old already. Bwahaha. And I'll become 21 soon in a few days time.

It's supposed to be a happy day yesterday. However, something happened.. I did not enjoy to the fullest.. I just felt something not right. I can't understand how somebody can behave like this.. *truly disappointed* 

Hence, I'm not really looking forward to my birthday either. 

Many people will not be around.. Pehaps, it's gonna be the most quiet birthday.. 

I feel like eating chocolate after watching that drama... 


I dyed my hair recently.

I purchased this Palty Macaroon Raspberry dye at  
I was reading somebody's blog..
And got really interested with this product. 

I purchased it via paypal in within 1 hour time. 

Oh before that... Let's share some photos of my shopping products... 

Free gifts....
From Sasa shop 

4 face masks for RM 10 
BB cream.. I can't remember the price. 

Free 1 day Acuvue contact lens.. 


I waited for quite some time for this parcel to reach.
It took like about a fortnight to reach my doorstep. = = " 
Cuz I ordered the normal delivery. 

My room's very dark...
Um... This bottle of dye costs RM 39 but after adding in the delivery charge, it becomes RM 43
It is slightly more expensive than Liese 
However, I really think it's better than Liese in certain aspects. 

Liese is bubble foam dye. It's very much easier to use compared to Palty, especially when you DIY. Bubble is obviously easier than... CREAM. 

PRICE: Liese
Liese is cheaper. 
Palty is slightly a few ringgit more expensive. 

From what I read in people's blog, Palty is not available in Malaysia. 
You need to get it online. 
It's not that convenient in that sense. 

For an Asian like me with really thick and BLACK hair.. 
I'm glad that I've found Palty. 
It's very much more effective compared to Liese. 
Liese does nothing much to my hair.. 
I tried Liese products TWICE. 
I picked the brightest colour for the second trial with Liese. 
The effect was a little discouraging.. 
It was vaguely visible under sunlight.. 
Palty is slightly better... 
Due to the nature of my hair maybe.. It still doesn't look very obvious in normal light. 
but, I can tell that it is definitely MORE OBVIOUS than Liese. 
Conclusion: Asians should try Palty and NOT Liese, especially when you have thick volume hair like me.

I've tried Liese twice. 
I did not like the smell.. 
However, the moment when I used Palty, its juicy fruit scent makes me feels that this smell is quite.. er, nice?
It's definitely better than Liese..... 

I'll advise you to go for Palty if you're still having trouble choosing your dye brand. 
The effect is quite good. 

Me me me me me me me...
Dark black hair. 
With my pajamas. x.x

The box comes with all these stuff.... 
It's quite easy to comprehend how to use them..... 

In the kitchen. 
Slightly better lighting here. 

Fix the position of the bottle. 

Pour in the paste into the bottle mixture. 

See the paste???
Yellowish one.

Have the cap on and shake vertically a few times.
Take off the cap and use the comb cap.

I'm sweating. 
The process was a little tiring.
I sweat easily.
It's hot. the weather. 

I "marinated" my hair for... 30 minutes.
I should have made it to 40 minutes.
I was too lazy to read others reviews before I dye.
I read it after I washed my hair.. 

I was a little discouraged with the post dye effect. 
I tried to snap photo but I don't see visible colour change.
Hence, I did not snap any... 

Then 1 night while I'm watching drama..
I tied my hair into French braids..
Then I thought of snapping the look of the back of my hair.. 
So.. I used flash. 
And ta-da...
My hair colour can be seen now.

Reddish brown. ;) 


Okay that's all.
I'm not happy today. 

A lot of work to do... 
I'm... tired... 


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