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Monday, December 17, 2012

Tambun Lost World Trip 2 Days 1 Night

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I manage to find back my cable and here's are the images that we snapped during our Tambun trip.

I bought this voucher from Groupon. I can't really remember the price but it was obviously an expensive trip compared to the other trips we had before this. However, I'm quite satisfied because the money is well paid for. I don't have to walk too far away from one destination to another. Many things can be solved, as long as you are willing to pay a little more extra. =)

We took bus from Tanjung Malim to Gopeng, Perak. We opted for the cheap way. It's around RM 15-17 one way. One day before our arrival, I have contacted the Lost World Hotel management to arrange a shutter transportation for me. Ha- And here's it! The van-- Their crew ( the driver ) was waiting for us at Gopeng bus station with a sign board written my name: Ms. Lydia Chai. LMAO. It feels like.. an adult! Like how you normally see this in TV - at the airport.

The journey from Gopeng to Lost World Tambun is about 30-40 minutes road drive. Each person pays only RM 5. This is cheap to me because it'll cost more than this if we take a cab. It might be cheap if you have a group of 4 people but for couple to take taxi, it's not wise.

At the entrance of the theme park. 
Before getting weeeet! 

Here's our band tickets.
The coupon covers all the ticket fees as well as our hotel accommodation.
The hotel was great! 
I wish it was my room! lol.... 
It actually includes breakfast for 2 too.
However, I don't really enjoy the breakfast that they have provided.
It was awful because the waitress did not give me equal treatment.
I wanted a nasi lemak but maybe well, I look young, and she just told me that no more nasi lemak.
Then, she told the next customer after me, saying that if he wants nasi lemak, he has to wait for a while.
AHH- She could have told me the same thing but she didn't! 
At the end, I have to take only bihun for my breakfast! 
I'm not happy with this kind of lousy waitress service. 
She gave me a very bad  impression for she is providing bias treatment towards customers of different ages.
So what if I'm just 20+?
I pay for what I get!

If you can see it clearly..
The map.

One of the coolest things that I like about Tambun theme park.
The hot spring spa. 
I really enjoy soaking into the water.
It's about 40 + degree Celsius. 

There are a few. 
For body, foot and Jacuzzi. 

The sun was glaring. 

Some photo shooting. 

It's a dragon actually.

You can feed them at the petting zoo.
Their food costs only RM 1. 

I'm really.. very excited. lol.

Parrot and I.

The parrot was quite fierce.

Goat and I.

And we manage to feed the birds too! 
Ah.. This is really fun! 

Boyfriend. Lol... 

Birds and I.

The crew helped us to snap the photo.

We were surrounded by so many birds. 
Boyfriend fed a peacock. 
It's really very heavy and it hurts when they are getting the food from his palm.
I was too scare to feed them.
 I ran away. LOL.
We took videos for all these food feeding session. 
Didn't upload them though.

We were waiting for the rain to stop.
One more destination to go - mining factory.

Tasty nasi lemak for dinner.
I paid for the dinner. 
It's not included in the voucher.

At night, we went to the spa again. 
It was so fun to go to the hot spring at night.
Many people were at there. 
You can order cold drinks while you're soaking in the spa.
And we manage to get into the cave whereby you can only feel STEAM inside. 
You can't stay in there for more than 5 minutes or else somebody has to call the ambulance for you.
Haha.. It's really a fantastic experience. 
I have never tried hot spring spa before.

We dropped by at Ipoh to try tauge chicken before going back to Tanjung Malim. 
Hmmm.. It was... salty.
Not really as good as I thought it'd be.
I wouldn't really run all the way to Ipoh just to eat this... 

We bought some delicacies. I regretted not buying more.
One of the cookies taste really good! 

All in all, we spent quite a lot in this short 2 days 1 night trip.
However, it's quite a good experience. =) 


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