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Monday, September 16, 2013

Just a short update of this new semester

The new semester has finally begun and lasted for about a week. I was a little stressed up at the beginning due to the excessive work I received. Then, I've decided to slow down and take in less orders. I am balancing better now.

In this new semester, everything seems to be almost the same like the other semesters. People are happy to share their semester holiday activities with one another - chit chatting before the lecturer enters. I have not many credit hours in this semester. Basically, I am quite free but I couldn't understand why I feel stressed up at the beginning when I do multi-tasking.

The only thing that I find difficult so far is "action research"/"upcoming thesis writing". I am clueless about all these and I am not confident that I can do well. It looks difficult at this moment. I have yet to think of good research questions. I simply have no time or no interest? I just wish that I'll graduate faster. = = "

I am kind of happy that my ex roommate returns to continue to be my roommate. She is currently working as a temporarily primary teacher at one of the schools in Tanjung Malim. However, our time seems to differ. When I'm awake, she is sleeping; and vice-versa. She has to wake up early and I tend to stay up late at night. So, I don't really have much time to talk to her yet.

Initially, I thought I would be happy staying alone without a roommate. Then, I felt a little lonely. Haha- I am thankful that she is returning. It makes one psychologically unhealthy to always be alone I guess. Humans need companion. That theory could be true.

Before the semester begins, I dyed my hair at the saloon. It doesn't cost a lot but still, it is an amount of money. I don't really like how bright it was initially - then slowly, when I start to get used to and liking it, a lecturer asked me to dye back to - BLACK. Sigh. Okay - Dye it back then -

I saw a hair styling set sold at Watson. I am tempted to purchase it. It is a curling tong by Philips. The quality should be quite good. Perhaps after dying it black/dark brown, I'll get myself one curling tong. I always thought that a good brand of tong will cost around RM 100 +

I guess that is all for now. 


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