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Saturday, February 08, 2014

A moment to remember in life

Tomorrow's the awaited day after studying for so many years to become a teacher. I'm kind of nervous because I didn't have much experience like some others. I have yet to get my timetable because of the sudden switch done by the ambitious headmaster. Initially, trainee teachers are expected to be given Form 2 and Form 4 classes to carry out practicum service. In my case, the headmaster said he was willing to take the risk to give us a try. Seeing that we are new, fresh and enthusiastic (expected to be), he assigned us Form 3 and Form 4. I'd appreciate if I'm given good classes but again, he wanted us to make some changes to the school and decided to give us the middle classes.

Therefore, tomorrow will be the day to gather all information and watch the teachers' teachings. I hope that I'll get students who I can interact well with.

The school that I got is SMK Pokok Sena. It is located somewhere 30 minutes away from the Jitra hostel I'm living in. My transportation to the school is by car-pooling. So, I have gotta wake up really early and travel to school to be punctual. I used to tease my ex roommate wondering how come she needs to wake up that early. =( Now I understand why. It sucks when the school is so far away. I hope that in the future wherever I'm posted to, I hope that it won't be as far as this. I can still tolerate to this as it is gonna be only 4 months. Ha -

The teachers in the school seemed friendly so far. Everything was pleasant except the fact that it was distant. I have yet to check the canteen. Ha - Good food with good price definitely is a good source of motivation throughout the journey.

Thanks to the stupid fan in the hostel. =( I fall sick. I have sore throat and pain in swallowing saliva. I hope that it will go away quickly as I need to be able to speak loudly in front of the students.

I'm glad to meet up with some old friends here. They were very friendly like how they always used to be. It was a splendid time spent together with them. I believe that the time to hang out with them is not going to be long after tomorrow. I hope that they will have a great time during their practicum.

I used to boast around about IPDA's hostel saying that it is the best one that I've ever lived in. It is indeed good if you exclude the fact that Kedah is a place with many insects flying in at night. =( It's very frustrating to have these insects here and there when the night comes. They bite. They are annoying.

All these while, I feel that I save a lot when I'm in Kedah. This is because the food here is relatively cheap compared to other places. I felt kind of disappointed with the hostel cafe because they charged me crazily expensive on 2 meals. =( The food there used to be cheap and consist of a variety. Now, it is not only little but also extremely expensive! How I wish the old boss is back. I miss his maggiee tom yam. It is the best one that I ever had.

I spent a lot lately on groceries. Travelling via bus - therefore many things cannot be brought from home. I have to buy them here. Therefore, having to spend a few hundreds in a few days time make my heart aches.

All these while, I'm pretty happy with my academic results. I am kind of disappointed with the last semester's one because I think I could have done better. Or maybe I should say, I think I deserve better than what is displayed on the screen. Reason is simply because I have put all my effort into it and I did get positive feedback upon consultation and evaluation. It is the worst grade throughout the semesters. Aww - this indirectly increases my tension in this semester. 


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