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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Practicum Week 1 Part A

After a week of practicum, I'm happy that I survived. It is seriously not easy to be a teacher, especially for weak classes. Why? I'm not trying to categorize students and start to grow negative feelings in teaching them. I just felt a little demotivated on the first few days due to tension, recklessness, disappointment and helpless. The students in my school are quite adorable looking. They don't look as big as how I thought they should be for their age. They are pretty small in size majority of them.

I have not been assigned to do any relief classes so far. It is good news for me. However, I had miseries planning my lessons. I need to take into consideration that their proficiency level is not high. Whatever I have learnt in UPSI during KPD 1 and KPD 2 turn out to be useless. They are meant for advanced students. Though we used to do activities for low proficiency students, the reality that I'm facing right now is not alike with what I have been practising in the university. The kind of low proficiency that we thought it is previously is not symmetrical to the reality's. Weak students cannot really absorb that much information that I provide them. Nevertheless, they could not understand my instructions well. This is the biggest problem which I'm facing right now.

So far, I don't think I'm doing good. My lessons cannot be completed in time. I am bad at time management during class. I must learn how to improve on this. Next, I think I need to guard my students' discipline better because some of them are not really following what I have set as My Rules. Some of them slept in my class and some of them doing something else. In reality, students really do different kinds of thing which you can least expect in your imagination.

Sometimes, I get angry with them for their disobedience towards my rules. However, I cannot deny that they are really love-able little ones when they are cooperative and do their work properly. I really hope that by the end of this practicum, I could make some changes in their interest in learning English. 4 months are not long enough to increase one's proficiency but it is definitely long enough to shape somebody's personality. I hope that I could bring good influence to them and let them know the importance to study while you still can.

I have joined the Nilam programme that the school organized. Well, they usually like to ask the practicum teachers to get involved. The reason behind it is because they said this is a good exposure for us. True and I agree but the down part of it is deficiency in time. I have yet to think about my Action Research topic. I definitely have to redo mine because of my students. I'm still thinking really hard which skill I'd like to focus on. It'd be good to do speaking skill but it'll be load of work in writing those shitty phonetics in the report. I'll be crying at that time regretting my choice today.

Okay it's not early. It's almost 1 a.m. Ever since I start my practicum, I sleep very early. I cultivate a good healthy living lifestyle. I sleep early and wake up early daily. I took 2 hours nap today which sounds a little - too much. This could be the reason why I'm still feeling energetic right now. = / Bad. I will be like zombie the next day. Ah -

I still have loads to write. I will definitely write one post on Yes4G. I just couldn't stand how dishonest this company is *totally disgusted and agitated as a consumer*


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