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Saturday, May 03, 2014

High Voltage creator - Christopher Carter may soon have the keen attention of comic book notables such as Stan Lee


As Seen on CNN's iReport 

High Voltage creator - Christopher Carter may soon have the keen attention of comic book notables such as Stan Lee

What do Sahara, Thor, Wire, Spider-Man, Shield City, Iron Man, Toy Maker and High Voltage have in common? Two names:

1) Stan Lee

2) Christopher Carter

As super hero enthusiasts we are absolutely thrilled today to have as our guest for this CNN iReport interview none other than prolific comic book writer and character producer Christopher Carter

Unlike the majority of active college students Mr. Carter is far from the ‘norm’ – in his words not ours.

Currently he is merely twenty three years of age, not only is Christopher working a ‘9-5’ job and spending gruelling hours studying as he attends college with his sights set on evolving into a professional in the radio, television and film industry, but he also has an entire cartoon and comic series in fully development.

His fresh website offers special insider information that has not been spoken on other High Voltage sources.

Without further delay here now is Christopher Carter:

“What can I say about myself? Well, I’m a giant nerd. When I was a kid (we are talking about the 90s here… yes… I am old), I was a major gamer and cartoon enthusiast.

Growing up, I was consistently reading books, playing video games, watching TV and reading comic books. Being exposed to all these different types of media had a big influence on my imagination and the way I saw the world.

Now that I am twenty three, I do not have ample time to sit down and read a good book, play video games or watch a lot of television… but my fascination with the arts has inspired me to create my own comic book / strip series known as ‘High Voltage’ -- I have been working diligently on this series since late 2010.

When I first started creating the concept for High Voltage, I did it for the sheer fun of it. I love writing, being imaginative, and creating new worlds.

Developing this was just something I did during my spare time. When I entered college it was time to decide what I wanted out of my life, I looked at my series and thought that I could make something big out of it.

It became my goal to turn High Voltage into something amazing.

Determined to make my goal a reality, I began putting my idea for this series into action. My bull-dog tenacity allowed me create countless episodes, create concepts for each character, develop all of their personalities and gave them unique powers to work with and drive the story.

With all this under my belt, I then looked for artists who could help uplift my vision even higher by putting my ideas into drawings and animations.

Today, because of all of this hard work, High Voltage has gained magnetic fans and is quickly becoming notoriously popular and I am so humble and very grateful that Shield City and High Voltage now has admirers all over the world.

My goal with High Voltage is to take this concept to television but I do not want High Voltage to be just another cartoon.

My passion is to see High Voltage become a cartoon series that speaks to diverse people in various backgrounds. When people watch High Voltage, I want them to instantly relate to the characters on an emotional level.

Fact is, High Voltage has the potential to be a series that people can learn from and one that addresses social issues people deal with today, while maintaining a fun and action-packed atmosphere.

The key purpose of High Voltage is not only to create a fun and action-packed superhero series. The ultimate goal of this series is also to create a something that is relatable, touches people and leaves fans thirsting for more.

As you know, the entertainment industry is a tough industry to get into however like many jobs in the professional world, having a lot of connections can help one move ahead faster than a young cheetah racing an old turtle.

With that being said… the biggest challenge for this series is attempting to grab the undivided attention of the ‘right’ people.

While High Voltage has met much success with people all over the world, rejections from people working within the industry, I found, is common.
Even though I know my series has all the potential in the world, there are some people who do not always see what I see (on the outside looking in).

If I could take a time capsule back in time to when comic book creator Stan Lee was first introducing his characters it would be no surprise to me that he too met ‘brick walls’ but his perseverance is now a plethora of fruit bearing trees.

While rejection is inevitable, I find that it is very imperative to keep moving forward (something I continuously stress through my characters and their actions). Even though one person may not find much value in High Voltage, I know that there is someone out there that will see the value in this series and will see that High Voltage can be a big hit. With a team of seasoned animators and writers, I believe that High Voltage can make it on television and go even further than what it now is.

When I see cartoons today, I feel that it has changed quite a bit from when I was a child. Ha… wow… I feel old when I say that!

I feel like cartoons today mainly focus on comedy to drive the plot. When watching cartoons nowadays, many shows are more comedic and typically aimed at the younger audience (although this does not stop ‘older’ people from watching these cartoons… like myself).

With High Voltage, the series itself is more action and character driven. High Voltage deals a lot with character development, which allows the characters to mature and change as the story progresses.

While High Voltage does contain characters that are used as comedic devices, each episode is just a smaller story inside of a much larger story.

Each episode leads to a stunning season finale that pieces everything together, and each season finale features a main antagonist. High Voltage is a fun story with action, humor and drama all wrapped into one package.

This is what makes High Voltage unique.” said, Christopher Carter, creator of the High Voltage series.

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