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Thursday, May 01, 2014

U.S. Air Force veteran Dawn Partin is impacting the world around her as a tax advocate mediator


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U.S. Air Force veteran Dawn Partin is impacting the world around her as a tax advocate mediator

With all the unreliable twists and turns of the economy many found it a daunting task to approach their tax issues head on until now.

Today we have the sincere privilege of interviewing Dawn Partin -- she is one of the people that is often overlooked for her contributions to our ever changing world but is making a noted impact for people all around her.

Ms. Partin is the owner and principal advocate of ‘Us Tax Advocate’ -- a small business serving low, middle income families, small business owners and US military veterans and their families

So without further ado….. Here is Dawn Partin:

“I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and grew up in an area known as “Shacktown,” renowned for its hard streets populated by low-income families trying to scrape out a living. The year was 1991 when I chose the leave home to join the U.S. Air Force.

During my service in the military I flew as a radar technician aboard an AWACS in support of Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm and saw more than a few hours supporting combat operations in Iraq and Kuwait.

Another little known fact most find very interesting about me, is I also flew as part of crews supporting Drug Operations out of Panama and Puerto Rico.

Long story short -- in 1995 I was honourably discharged.

It was after the Air Force my civilian career reads like a profile which includes:

Eight plus years working for a multinational, Fortune 500 Company as part of their Corporate Tax Department. I am told by colleagues …‘it was my aptitude that earned me quick promotions within the department where I served as a Tax Analyst responsible for state filings and audit defense.’

During my tenure, our small team earned a nomination by CIO Magazine as, ‘The Most Efficient Tax Department of the Year.’ Our dedicated team was featured on the cover and our work establishing a ‘best-in-class’ effective tax rate for the company and they were lauded throughout the publication.

Later I joined the IRS, working in the Tax Compliance Department. Working with taxpayers to establish payment agreements or secure their account by placing them in ‘Currently Not Collectible’ status.

This helped provide struggling taxpayers with time to gain their financial stability enough to make payments towards their delinquent taxes.

Again, I am told it was my ‘compassionate and knowledgeable demeanor that helped reassure my clients and help direct them to equitable repayment plans to improve their status and avoid further penalties.’

Currently I live in Dayton, Ohio, an area hard-hit by the economic downturn and migratory departure of many of the area’s large employers.

I am even more committed to helping those I see as easy targets for over-priced tax resolution services and those hard-working persons who are fearful about working with the IRS directly to resolve their personal tax issues.

Also, I am presently pursuing my CPA certification in hopes of further expanding the services I can help provide to a largely undeserved community.

Since I too am a military veteran one of our goals via my small business (‘US Tax Advocate’) is striving to help other vets as well as mid to low income families. Fact is, I was tired of seeing people so stressed about taxes and owing money and how big companies who promise to help really just treat people badly. They charge large fees and then just keep individuals waiting.

One of my passions is using my corporate tax and IRS collections agent experience to serve those who are struggling to get relief from their tax debt, but lack the knowledge to navigate the IRS’s complicated system. These people are unable to afford the high cost tax services and many of them suffer for it.

Bottom line is, I truly enjoy helping resolve these issues because we all have to pay taxes, and my company is here to make that process as painless as possible.

Our American Veterans deserve every advantage we can give them in their daily lives so that stated we give deep discounts to veterans. They signed on the dotted line saying they would risk their lives for us, the least we can do as a business is offer them affordable services.

Our customers share things like:
‘Dawn’s assistance was invaluable. My tax liability went from $300 down to $25 per month. Now I can get back on my feet and revisit this issue when I am more financially stable. I am so pleased to have been referred to this service!’ -Laurel B., Maine (Retired US Vet)


‘I was at my wits’ end worrying about my tax situation until I was able to meet with Dawn about it. She took control of the situation and worked efficiently and professionally with the IRS for me, making an affordable payment plan a reality. THANKS!!’ -Dave S., Georgia

If you have taken copious notes during this interview then you know that our ultimate focus is on educating you about your rights under the law.” said, Dawn Partin, owner and principal advocate at ‘Us Tax Advocate’

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