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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bathroom rug

Alright, the second project - a small round blue-white theme bathroom rug. I kind of like the colours, exclude the fact that the T shirts I used aren't perfect. There are many printings on them and what worse is the yarn I made is made of many short joins. Hmm, just didn't want to waste the T shirt before I dump them into the bin. That's what happen when you try to be economical. But - ah - why bother, when it is going to be a rug? As long as it has a shape and everything, it should be all fine!

I made this within few hours. Though it is still not extremely fast but I can say that I am getting better at this. This time, I manage to get everything done correctly at one-go rather than taking out the stitches and putting them in together again and again.

My first mat and how I did this mat is found in this blog post -


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