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Monday, January 26, 2015

Luna Charles


Listening to speeches or seminars can be really very helpful in building up new knowledge and skills. If you are experiencing some hard times in life such as lost of aim and purpose to love yourself, you should consider to sign up for a seminar. Listen to what professionals who have written many useful books on self-help to overcome your own invisible barrier. Negative thoughts will lead to devastating decision.

There is an author named Luna Charles whom I’d like to write about in this blog post. She is a self-publish author and the Director of Hardcastle Enterprises Corp., a business that she created to help people realize the full potential that they have within themselves. She writes a few good books which you could consider to bookmark them –
  • My Life My Rules
  • Men Are Not The Problem  
  • Love, Laugh and Live with Passion  

Being raised up as the oldest of 5 kids from a single mother, she has learned that life is often not fair but dedicated hard work will bring you success. She works hard positively to achieve the goals in her life. Of course, there are some secret tips that she has gathered throughout the years that accompanied her through the journey of toughness. To know more, you should start reading her books.

In her first novel, Men Are Not The Problem, she wrote about a heartfelt story of overcoming adversity and finding the love within which can conquer all wounds. This is not just a simple love story but a story with meaningful values to be learned. The success from her first novel has driven her to be more motivated to continue her writing interest to another level. She started to write about literary novel / journal called Love, Laugh and Live with Passion. It is a mixture of short stories and activities which sole purpose is to educate people the steps that she took to overcome the misfortunes that she has experienced.  It contains twenty weeks of exercises and factual tales from her real life experience.

In life, it is inevitable that everyone will face hardship. Everybody has their own ways of overcoming however there are some people who just do not know how to solve them the right way. This explains why there is an increasing figure of suicide cases nowadays.
It is important for everyone to stay positive in facing troubles in life. If you think you are still unsure of what is the best resolving method for yourself, try reading her books. They are really very motivating and helpful.

Other than that, Luna also does seminars. If you are not a reader but a listener, don’t miss the seminar sessions. She talks about:
  • Learning to find faith in your personal power
  • Writing
  • Following your passion
  • Abuse
  • Overcoming the stigma of being felony
  • Self love and acceptance

Other than that, she also does book signings. If you already have her books and wish to get her signature, she does her book signing at libraries, book clubs, book stores, book festivals and author expos.

Here’s her official website for more details:


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