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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Crochet beret

I just made a beret for myself yesterday. It was a disaster for my first attempt. I spent like 1-2 days figuring out how to 'save' the work I have completed thus far but to no avail. It's best to just take out everything to a point where I think I can still amend it. It didn't go very well though. It somehow didn't achieve the result that I wanted. However, it's good enough for my first time I guess. It is a wearable hat that I think is unique enough for the 'mistake' that I've made. Haha - It looks a little bit Ali Baba Eastern feel and a blend of Western beret look.

By the way, just to show you how it looks like for my first attempt - It resulted as a baby beanie. Argh - !! I don't think any adult will have this size of head -

This is a total failure!! 

Then, I took out the yarn, redo from the circular crown part.. However. as I mentioned before, I didn't do it very correctly.. Somehow some parts look weird at the end. =/ BUT - It's really special. 

The front view

The side view

Haha - It only looks visible it's a hat when it is worn on somebody's head. And of course, it is made customized for my head and I should be the model. I guess my outfit matches the hat pretty good. 

This captures the colours better. It's a blue-white-grey beret with a brown-blue-white-grey bow ribbon. The reason why I picked brown is because I don't want the ribbon to look too striking. It will just be a subtle highlight to the beret. 

Okay, for whoever who is interested to make this, I can't really tell you how exactly I did it as I didn't jot down anything. However, you can just try to do it based on your existing crochet knowledge about increasing. Hopefully you're able to figure it out. 

Here's the beret when it is lying flat on the floor. 

The details about the beret I made: 
  • Type of yarn: Minlon 45g 100% acrylic yarn 
  • Quantity: 1 and a half skeins of yarn (Col No 106 mixed colours blue-grey-white) 
  • Type of hook: aluminium 7/0 8/0 hook 
  • Size of the end product: 10.5 inches diameter 8.5 inches height (not including pom pom) 
  • Started the project on: 2 March 2015 
  • Ended the project on: 4 March 2015 

Here's the tutorial for the beret that I followed initially. Then, I modified it in the middle. I continued back the same pattern as in the tutorial for the ending band area. 

The tutorial uses a much thicker yarn and a different hook from what I'm using. I guess this could be one of the biggest contributing factors to why my beret turned out looking so funny at the first place. However, there are also other crocheters who complaint about the size being too small and short too. Based on my personal experience with that tutorial, I agree to the comments. 

Video tutorial: 

If you are unfamiliar with the stitches, use the video as your guidance. I learned a few new stitches here: 
  • half double crochet 
  • puff stitch 
Well, at least I did learn something from this project. =) 

I actually followed this written tutorial rather than the video. The video is only as guidance on how to make the stitches which I'm unfamiliar of. 

From my experience, I think it's useful for you to look into the sizing rules in making hat:


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