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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Crochet fridge holder (really simple, suitable for the novice)

Crochet is really fun and here's my new product - fridge holder. I used only double crochets to make this. It's really simple. I actually developed this pattern by myself and I think it's pretty cool for a crochet beginner like me.

This is my.. 7th crochet work. I think it's nice to keep track of how many crochet product I can make. Hopefully this practice can last.

That's a close-up view. My fridge is really very decorative, I know.

The before and after - I made for the freezer holder first. A few days later, I completed the fridge holder's.

Since this is my first time coming up with a pattern by myself, I think it's worth jotting down for any new crochet starter like me. ;) 

Hook: 7/0 - 8/0 aluminium hook
Yarn: Recycled 2.5 cm (1 inch approximately) thick T shirt yarn of assorted colours
Started project on: 26 February 2015 
Ended project on: 28 February 2015 

  1. Measure the circumference (layman term: thickness) of the holder. 
  2. Pick whatever colour yarn you wish to start first and make a slip knot. 
  3. Make chains until you reach half an inch extra with addition to the length of the circumference you measured earlier in (1).
  4. Starting from the second chain from the hook, make a double crochet and followed by making 1 chain. 
  5. Skip 1 chain and do the double crochet again. Repeat this step until you reach the last chain. 
  6. After making double crochet at the last chain, make 2 chains. 
  7. Turn your work. Start making double crochet into the 4th chain from the hook. Then, skip 1 chain and do the double crochet. 
  8. After completing the second last double crochet of the row, the next double crochet falls on the chain next to it, you do not need to skip a chain. 
  9. Check how many double crochets have you made for this row. If let's say you have made 3 double crochets, then for the following rows, you will be making the same number of double crochets : 3.  
  10. Continue crochet until you reach your desired length and pull out the yarn. Tie a knot. Done. 
You can switch colours anywhere you like. After each row or anywhere.

Make sure the number of chain made is an even number. For example, if the circumference measures 10 cm. Make the chain be 11 cm to give it an allowance due to tension later on. It's better to be slightly loose than too tight. As for even number chains, if you get to the length of desired but only have 21 chains for example, make it to be 22 chains.

I tried to learn how to make crochet buttons. And by really very simple method that I figure it out without looking from any source. Based on what I have learned so far, I made a really simple but functioning button. I made several, just to keep the fridge holder in-tact nicely to the holder without slipping off. Also, you can adjust the tightness easily and what's more - you can take it out to wash easily.

The really simple but not-bad crochet button that is really easy to make. The tail is to weave it into the project.

I was so excited to share the freezer holder earlier. This is the fridge holder. It's much longer. Basically, after finish crocheting the whole piece, it will look something like this. Its sides are not so straight because I used a variety of yarn - some are made up of curtain/bed sheet material. So, it is lighter as compared to cotton yarn. That explains why it goes inwards a little. For best result, it is advisable to use cotton only. However, I'm running out of cotton yarn.

Can you see my cute little button there? Haha - I think it looks adorable, like a small flower. 

There are a lot of stuff due to CNY. Hehe. Ignore them. The focus is my beautiful fridge holders - Chiang chiang - ! 


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