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Monday, March 09, 2015

Harmony Driving Shah Alam Branch


Driving is a skill that is usually nurtured from constant practice. Of course, with a good exposure of tutorial, it will increase the efficiency of one’s driving skill. It is undeniably true that some people have phobia in driving regardless of age. There are so many fears that cannot be expressed and overcome properly. Hence, the resolution is not to drive at all. 

As we all know, how inconvenient it will be if you are always depending on other drivers to fetch you to places. It is still best if you can learn how to overcome the fear and start driving to your destinations by yourself. To do that, you can consider getting a better driving academy to help to boost your confidence and sharpen your skill.

If you are living in Selangor, I strongly advise you to sign up your driving course with Harmony Driving Shah Alam branch. Their service and method of teaching are fantastic and extraordinary in the sense that they are better than the rest. 

Check out what they have free for new sign-ups:
  • Free transportation to and from your doorstep to the driving academy
I took my driving lesson in Melaka. Basically, almost all driving academies provide such service. Fair enough, this is a standard facility that Harmony also has.
  • Free L and P license

This sounds interesting. I remembered having to pay an amount of money in order to get the licenses after passing the tests. Harmony promises to give for free. This is pretty cool.
  • Free PA insurance up to RM 10 000 for a year

Honestly, I am unsure if I have this included in my package. However, it is good to have insurance secured just in case if anything unwanted were to happen. This is a plus point for Harmony.
  • Free food voucher

I am 100% sure my package does not have this. Harmony is really a very considerate academy knowing that many novice driving learners tend to get hungry due to long waits for their turns to get to practise driving. Hence, with this, they save you the trouble of psychological hunger disturbance while you are driving on practice.
  • Free mystery souvenier

My driving academy is only particular with how much money I have to pay in order to complete my course. They only receive money and never in return give me anything. So, once again, this is Harmony’s bonus point that other normal academies probably do not have.

While I was browsing their blog, which you can check out here: I noticed something very interesting. It is called driving simulation practice.

I took my license back in 5/6 years time. So I am not sure if this is a new trend of teaching that is not available during my time. However, I really find this impressive because it allows these learners to get familiar with the 3 main things underneath their legs as well as the steering and gear. To me, stimulation learning is a good method that somewhat permits you to experience it as though it is real but at the same time, it is 100% guaranteed safe as whatever you bang in the screen only ends in the screen. If you were to bang anything in real, that might cause a huge instant phobia and terminates your courage in continue learning how to drive properly. So, I must say that I am very impressed with this new method of teaching and learning of driving.

I have been focusing a lot on car driving lesson. The Harmony also have lessons for motorcycle.

Here’s a summary of why Harmony should be your best option:
  • Easy and fast registration process
  • Affordable price which can be carried out in installments method with no hidden cost
  • Taught by experienced professional trainer
  • Enables learners to learn circuit driving comfortably with complete basic amenities
  • Ensures learners are able to learn and test at the same place


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