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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Handbag using Clever Blocks

I made a bag out from crochet. It is my first time using thick cotton (厚棉). I am quite happy with the result though I need to sharpen my needle hand stitching skills. =(

This bag is done specially for my mom. It is a Mother's Day early present. The old handbag that she is using needs to be put aside. This is much more trendy and beautiful to carry. =) *feeling proud*
Type of yarn: thick cotton (厚棉) 200g per cake
浅咖啡 light coffee
姜黄 ginger yellow
鹅黄 light yellow
I used roughly 150g minimum for each cake of colour. 
Started project on: 28 April 2015
Ended project on: 30 April 2015
Zipper: 25cm khaki colour
Inner fabric: old pillow case (cut and folded to fit the bag)
Holders: Double 60cm khaki colour
Hook: 5mm for the body; 4.5mm for the top rim
Sewing yarn: strands of yarn from the crochet yarn

I learned how to make this bag from this video tutorial;

The bag tutorial

How to sew a zipper and fabric liner tutorial

This bag received so much compliments. 

After sewing in all the tails. 
This project surely requires a lot of tails sewing and it is quite boring for that part =(


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