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Friday, May 20, 2011

Malacca Trip Episode 2 : Sushi Dinner

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Scold me. Yes, I'm crazy. Tomorrow I need to work at 12 but I'm still not sleeping. It's 2.12 am fyi.

I just don't feel like sleeping.

I'm not healthy lately. T.T

I've made the content below as a quick reference to the previous episodes of Malacca Trip.

Episode 2 : Sushi Dinner

I can't exactly remembered when but I remembered it was a dinner. 

Kind Zi Yi brought us to Sakura House (Japanese Restaurant) for dinner. 

Sakura House Information
Sakura House is located at Duyong housing area. It's a Japanese Restaurant which operates at home. I'm not sure if they have the business licence but anyway, that's nothing to do with me. As long as the food they serve are clean, I'm OK with it. 


While waiting for our food to be served...


Best friend, Zi Yi 

Japanese Pizza
There's a special name for this in Japanese 
Needless to ask, I won't remember
Oh the price.. 
Cost : RM 10 + 
Rating : 9/10

Bad lighting, yes, I know.. 
The pizza after cutting a slice out.

Japanese soy sauce and green tea
I love their green tea
It doesn't turn bitter no matter how long we submerge it in hot water
It doesn't turn darkish brown too 

Everybody has a solo photo
Of course I'm NOT excluded! XD 
Look slim heh? 
Kakakaka.. (NO EDITING)
I hate people editing their photos, making themselves thinner, fairer or what-
That's very fake and artificial 

A photo of us

Unagi sushi + California handroll
Price : RM 3-4 + RM 3-4 
Rating : 3/10
Lousy Unagi sushi.. The size of the rice has been greatly REDUCED to HALF!
The price has increased and the size of the food is reduced!

Tempura bento
Price : RM 7.50 
Expensive? I think OK 
Taste good? Umm...
Rating : 7/10 
Boyfriend's order 

Don't know what-type-of fish bento
Price : RM 7.50 
Rating : 5/10 (really so-so O N L Y)
I expected it to be something like Unagi bento (yes I'm dreaming cuz Unagi bento's price is double of this RM 7.50)

Zi Yi's Udon Noodle
Price : RM 6-7
The Udon noodle really taste HORRIBLE
It's very hard (or maybe it IS like that - hard)
Just that I'm not good in eating this 
I don't like it very much
I feel that it's like not properly cooked
Rating : 4/10

Ohhhhh I <3 this!
Black sesame ice-cream
Rating : 10/10
This is very yummy!!!
Price : RM 1.50 per scoop, per cup

Remarks on Sakura House
I used to like this Japanese Restaurant last time because I felt that the food were rather cheap compared to Sushi King's. In addition, the food listed on the menu are comparable to Sushi King's. So, I have always implanted a good impression towards Sakura House.

Frankly speaking, I was never bored with the food. I'm just upset that this restaurant raises the prices like nobody's business. At the same time, the size of the sushi is also reduced. Yes, I'm very realistic. I feel that it is not worth eating such thing. For me, good food with reasonable price wins full votes. Sakura House is losing a lot of votes from me.

All in all, this is a good place for those who expect to eat cheap sushi/Japanese food in Malacca. It's located in housing area (maybe that is why it is cheap) at Duyong. Don't ask me exactly where is it cuz I'm not very sure (I'm not the driver). 

And, do not be surprised if you realize that the rice is not purely 100% Japanese rice cuz they don't use 100% Japanese rice. It's rather obvious that they mix the rice with normal oblong sized rice. Overall, it is still acceptable for people who are not too particular or fussy. 

I think that is all for tonight.
2.37 a.m., time to go off to bed
I hope that this little entry doesn't bored you down

Good night. ;)

Nope, I'm a little down tonight. 
So it should be ;( *humph*


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